Where Can I Purchase A Laser Lipo Machine?

Where can I obtain a laser lipo machine? This is a good questions, then one that warrants proper research in case you are searching for this kind of machine. There are many vendors with this kind of machine and also the companies are growing at an unbelievable rate due to the results this type op treatment offers. Whilst some refer to it miraculous, is in reality a significant simple science, so understanding that, let’s consider your options.

Non Invasive Laser Liposuction Machines

Strawberry Lipo is really a good quality machine and in all likelihood the main one accountable for checking the marketplace because of this company’s vigorous top end marketing campaigns. The device offers great results and also the salon owners are usually well trained and know very well what they’re doing. The item is easy to make use of and requirements no specialist qualifications.

Smart Lipo is a good product using a strong customer following depending on quality and great results.

i-Lipo is without a doubt one of many market leaders, however it is also probably the most expensive machines as well as the price doesn’t are justified whenever you establish the fact many of these machines work with the identical wavelength, so from your results perspective, they don’t and should not differ.

Enter Lumislim, the latest and unquestionably best machine hitting the marketplace. Lumislim is different from all the others which is the sole machine which is manufactured to medical grade standards. The many other machines are produced to consumer grade. No problem with this, it is just that Lumislim can be a a lot more robust and built machine. You can observe the product quality instantly. It is made from high grade materials and hang along with millimeter precision.

The next main difference is price. Lumislim has become readily available for just 5,999 which can be clearly a lot better than the near to 20,000 with the Strawberry Lipo and 40.000 with the I-Lipo.

Why this kind of good deal? Simple really, Crystal Medical carry a selection of 2000 products which can be growing daily. Another suppliers carry either 1 or perhaps a few products, so their whole clients are built around selling that product. Crystal Medical is a lot more of the marketplace which allows buyers to obtain products with a more realistic price.

This offers several advantages of the salon owner as is also in a position to offer their potential customers this phenomenal treatment with a price which may attract a wider audience.

It’s always exactly the same each time a niche product concerns market, the values are artificially high when you will find just a few suppliers. When competition enters industry prices inevitably fall. It will probably be interesting to determine if Strawberry Lipo and also the others bring their prices right down to a far more realistic level, or make an effort to trade on their own marketing budget, that your customer always will pay for. If you would like to purchase a laser lipo machine, then Lumislim is clearly the frontrunner.


  1. Good day, please infome me on the I-Lipo machine and all the costs related the Machine??

  2. i-Lipo is the most effective laser diode system for body shaping and fat reduction on the market. So what makes it different from other machines on the market? i-Lipo use reputable laser diodes that have constant energy outputs throughout the use of the paddles. Each paddle has 9 laser diodes, compared to other machines which have only 4 diodes. This means that even though you only pay less per session where other machines are used, you are getting less than half the results that you would have if you used i-Lipo. Even if you have double treatment sessions on these machines, you are still getting fewer results than what you would have with i-Lipo. This means that you are only wasting your time, and you are being mislead into believing that you are paying less, where in fact you are paying more for a lesser result. i-Lipo are being manufactured in the UK, by a reputable company, who have won several awards worldwide, and have certification, FDA approval and clinical studies to prove that i-Lipo really works, and that it has no known side effects, where the “cheaper” options have none of these. No certification, no FDA approval and no clinical studies, and therefore have no evidence to back up what they say. Before any i-Lipo therapist is allowed to treat clients, they have to undergo personal training and write an exam to qualify, where other brands have a training video clip that a therapist will watch over the internet. Cheaper is not necessarily better. Remember, you get what you pay for.

  3. I’m a business person in Kenya and want to purchase a machine. Is this possible and if so, whats the total cost inclusive of shipping and other charges?

  4. Hi. So would you also recommend a Lumislim Machine for good results? My wife suffered a horrible back injury and an not walk for a long tome like she used to. Would a Lumislim do just a good a job as a Zerona machine? Can I get one here in the USA for 6,000.oo USD?
    I guess I would have to stand and hold the paddles over her,correct?

  5. hi i am intrested in buying the laser lipo how much would it cost.

  6. Ian Cobley says:

    I believe that a major issue has been missed when comparing the STRAWBERRY machines and the Lumislim and that is the design and quantity of actual Laser Diodes. The coverage of the Lumislim achieved with just 4 diodes across the middle of the paddle will mean that the majority of the area covered isn’t being treated. Another interesting fact is that Crystal Medical do not actually show that the Lumislim has achieved a medical CE accreditation. Finally, the prices quoted for the STRAWBERRY are rather inflated as an entry level STRAWBERRY Inch Loss machine is only £9,500 and currently there is a 15% discount (April 2012) making it just £8,075 for a market leading machine as against £5,599.

    When people are looking to grow their businesses, the more promotional and marketing support they can get the safer the investment. Any potential purchasers should perhaps look at the achieved marketing by each supplier. Another factor is one of repair/service and general maintenance. STRAWBERRY machines receive on-going free servicing and even PATS testing, as they are British Built machines.

  7. To whom it may concern

    I am very interested in this product, would like to learn alittle more about the product, and cost. I’m based in south africa, durban.

    Please contact me via email, I do appreciate your help.

  8. I’m very interested in I Lipo, I would like to learn about it. i would also like to knwo the price

    Thank you

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